06 Oct

Redemption to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

I’ll keep it short: I’m in no way an Apple fanboy, I just consider Mr Steve Jobs to be one of the most revolutionary minds of the modern times, and decided to do this in his memory. It’s ready to be printed and stuck on a wall, just like I did. Keep reading

05 Oct

Custom post meta boxes in WordPress

05 Oct

Branding the WP dashboard

08 Sep


We don’t always need stuff to be right in our face to notice it. Something subtle is something that when present is not noticed unless you’re really trying to find it. Subtle is something that when not present is truly missed. Keep reading

31 Aug

Using a textarea to create list items on WordPress

$field = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'field', true);
$items = explode("\n",$field);
foreach ($items as $item) {
echo '<li>'.$item.'</li>';

This bit of code would basically separate line breaks on a textarea custom field into li tags. Obviosly, we would need to create a custom field for this to work. Change field to whatever your custom field key may be.

Keep reading

30 Aug

Simple Twitter connect for WordPress

24 Aug

Responsive jQuery Slider

23 Aug

jQuery Image Zoom Tour by Codrops